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Cryogenic Re-gasification Station

Parameter information
Volume: 1 ~ 1000 m³
Working pressure: 0.2 ~ 3.5 MPa
Medium: LNG, LOX, Lar, LIN, LCO2 Liquefied Natural Gas, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Argon, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Carbon Dioxide
Insulation form: perlite or high vacuum insulation


Citernes de stockage de liquides cryogéniques




Gasification station, filling station



1. The tanks can be customized according to customer needs.

2. We can design and produce the products that conform to ASME, EN, GB, DOSH, PED and other domestic and foreign standards.

3. The product vacuum performance is stable and reliable, and the products’ life cycle is longer.

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